Chemicals Used On Golf Courses Can Enter The Desert Ground Water

Fitz: Pure Elements, the man who has that crystal clear water on the phone with me this morning. Happy Monday Rick.

Rick: Happy Monday Fitz. How are you this morning?

Fitz: I’m trying to wake up man. It’s been one of those…Sometimes on Mondays it’s just a little tough to have all the cylinders firing at one time you know.

Rick: I’m with you on that.

Fitz: Rick you have been spreading the education about what’s happening with our water, the water system, what kind of water you get from your tap water which is not good stuff and we love our crystal clear home water filtration system. I always remark, “Never take it for granted that we can drink worry free from any faucet in our home including the bathtub faucet.” Which is pretty amazing but today we’re going to talk about golf courses.

Palm Desert golf courses use recycled water can leech weed chemicals back into the ground water

Rick: Yeah, I thought I’d just spend a couple of minutes for your listeners. We’re just trying to do everything that makes people aware of all the different things that happen with water. We’ve got you know roughly 125 golf courses in the Coachella Valley which is quite a big number and obviously it takes quite a bit of water to keep those guys green. I just wanted to chat a little bit because along with keeping them green obviously comes some chemicals and things. Most of our golf courses in the valley are watered with either reclaimed water or imported water. Where in our drinking water situation we’ve got the ground water from the aquifers but…

Fitz: Imported water you mean Pellegrino or Perrier?

Rick: Not quite.

Fitz: Had to say that Rick.

Rick: Yeah I love that. There is a lot of controversy about what’s being used to abate weeds, to keep everything nice on the greens and keep them up to par and they some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world for sure. A couple of the things that get used though are the dreaded Roundup which has a chemical in it called Glyphosate, that’s the active chemical and that’s been linked to cancer and autism and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and a long list of things.

Fitz: Lovely.

Rick: Monsanto has been under fire for that for a long time and obviously what we want to do is be aware that that can get into the aquifers and can get into our ground water and it is something we need to protect ourselves from. There is another bad guy called atrazine. You’ve got not only the water that you’re using to keep the greens healthy, you’ve also got irrigation water for the surrounding landscape and all of that.
I just wanted to make people aware that it generally is not a life threatening issue but it is something you need to protect yourself from and you’ve got a really effective whole house water filtration and salt free water conditioning system you can knock that stuff out and not have to worry about it at all. Just one thing to be aware of and keep your eye on it, there are more and more things and reports coming out about these different pesticides and herbicides that they’re nasty stuff.

Fitz: Makes sense and you know, also don’t pour chemicals, paint, paint thinner, all kinds of junk down drains or down your drain or even in the streets, in the gutters. You know someone flicks a cigarette, they don’t realize that thing does not disintegrate, it just goes and gets washed into our water ways, eventually gets washed into the ocean and all this stuff ends up somewhere so please let’s all be good citizens and think about what we do before we do it.

Rick: Yeah that’s an absolutely great point, so I hope everybody thinks about this right before they get that hole in one on the golf course today.

Fitz: There you go baby. All right Rick, always a pleasure and thank you for keeping us informed as to all the various things again. You really makes us think about our drinking water and you know we take everything for granted of course it seems, this day and age. You know you go to the faucet, you turn a knob but boy thinking about what’s in that, where it comes from and your health at risk, that’s all the more reason to explore getting your own crystal clear home total property water filtration system. 346-4850 give Rick a call or go online and he’ll answer all your questions and explain it. It’s a great amazing system, Wendy and I love it and we encourage you to talk to Rick, get all the details and make the decision for yourself. 346-4850. Always a pleasure Mr. Allan.

Rick: Thank you very much Mr. Fitz. We will talk to you very soon.

Fitz: All right Rick make it a great day, magnificent Monday.

Rick: All right, you too. Appreciate it.

Fitz: Enjoy. Thank you so much.

Rick: Bye bye.

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