Remove Chromium 6 From Household Water The Easy Way Today Fitz November 3 2016

Fitz: One of the many carcinogens and weird stuff that’s in our drinking water. And you hear my friend Rick Allen from Crystal Clear Home talk about his amazing water filtration system. Rick knows a lot about what’s going on with our drinking water. He’s back with us this morning. Good morning Rick.

Rick: Good morning Fitz. How are you today?

Fitz: I’m spectacular. There was an article in the paper talking about how they’re trying to find a more economical way to be able to get the chromium 6 out of the drinking water but if you have a Crystal Clear Home water filtration system, you can cross that worry off the list.

Rick: Yeah that’s absolutely true. The chromium 6 thing seems to be at the top of the news right now. You know in our valley, it’s my understanding that better than 90% of the wells are showing chromium either at or above the legal limits. It’s an interesting metal situation and that’s both naturally occurring and it’s also a waste byproduct of industry. That’s the big Erin Brockovich thing. It’s very interesting watching what happens in our world because Erin came out with her movie in 2000 which kind of exposed the whole big problem with chromium 6 being actually dumped in the local ground water and causing birth defects and a lot of really serious problems.

Fitz: I did not remember that that was chromium 6 that was causing that.

Rick: Yeah. That’s the chromium 6 issue. What’s interesting with her is that it, well with the whole process is that it took from 2000 until just about a year or so ago for the Feds to actually create a legal limit for chromium 6. So up until that point, there were no standards in terms of how much chromium 6 was allowable in our drinking water and in soap. So anyway, they set the standards. Erin was very upset because the standards are 500 times more lenient in the number than what she was seeking was a legal limit for chromium 6, 500 hundred times less than what she had wanted. Admittedly, she wanted to get to a much more perfect number, but yeah, this heavy metals, as you noted, the articles are coming out. If you’re getting your CVWD water bill or you’re getting any of these different water bills, they’re talking about the problem. They haven’t been very vocal about it until recently because now they’re getting called upon to work toward meeting this new federal standard. It’s going to take quite a bit of time. The other big one in the valley, of course, is arsenic which is naturally occurring. And actually, all up and down across the California too.

Fitz: When you say naturally occurring, where does arsenic, how does that get formed in the water?

Rick: You know, I don’t wanna go above my pay grade in terms of that. As water runs through the different pathways and rivers and different areas and gets to our locations, it strips things. As you know, water is the world’s greatest solvent. And so arsenic is naturally occurring in the rock and in different things. It’s also in the aquifers and the lower levels of the rock down there. Then, what happens is obviously it dissolves and gets introduced into our water. So you know these things are things to keep an eye on but in terms of your and my home and our health and our wellbeing, it just makes sense to put up a very effective barrier and, as you said, check those things off the list as far as worries. We’ve got enough worries with the political climate. We don’t need to worry about what water we’re drinking.

Fitz.: So to wrap it up Rick, bottom line is I have – Wendy and I have the Crystal Clear Home water filtration system. We love it. We can drink from any faucet in our home worry free and we’re not gonna be ingesting all of that chlorine and arsenic and chromium 6 when we take a bath or a shower. It just…there’s a great peace of mind. You hair feels nice and clean and smooth. Your coffee tastes pure and good. The total property thing is totally, totally great. You’re so helpful in spreading and sharing the information and I know that you have heard so many people say that Rick is great to deal with. So we encourage our listeners, if we’ve got your attention on this, this is a really cool filtration system that Rick has. Once again, it’s above my pay scale to be able to describe exactly how that works. It’s not a salt system. Give Rick a call, 346-4850. He’ll explain it to you. Basically, maintenance free. I mean it’s amazing, 346-4850. Ask for Rick Allen. He’ll get back to you and find out how you can get your own Crystal Clear Home water filtration system. Rick, always a pleasure.

Rick: I appreciate you Fitz. It’s great talking to you today.

Fitz: You too. Thank you so much. Make it a terrific Tuesday and don’t forget to set your clocks back this weekend when you go to bed Saturday night, we get to grab an extra hour’s worth of shut eye.

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Hard water scale reduction Palm Desert

Fitz Interview – Solving Hard Water Problems with New Technology

Fitz: …arrangement trappings, it’s more raw and stripped down and it really sells the message of what that song is about. We’re going to play for you in a few and we’re also going to talk to our friend Rick Allen from Pure Elements Crystal Clear Home, the amazing water filtration system. A lot of our seasonal residents returning to the desert. We’re going to talk and catch up to Rick and he has a couple of interesting facts to lay on us and that’s coming up next so stay close.

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Fitz: For Veteran’s day, Rick?

Rick: Yeah can you hear me?

Fitz: Yeah, there we go.

Rick: I’m here. Happy Veteran’s Day to you and thanks to everybody and their families who’ve serve this great country.

Fitz: Yes indeed.

Rick: Awesome day to celebrate everybody there.

Fitz: There is so much going on in the Valley and all the different cities in Palm Springs is having a big parade this afternoon expecting 20,000 to turn out Rick.

Rick: Wow.

Fitz: Yeah amazing.

Rick: You better move quickly Fitz or they’re going to trample you on that.

Water Filter Expert Rick Allen interviewed by Fitz on CV 104.3 radio in Palm Desert CA

Fitz: Rick, you are the water expert. I’ve never known anyone who knows more about what’s going with our water and the drinking water and the water tablet and all that stuff and everything that going on with what we hear about the pharmaceuticals and the chromium-6 and the arsenic in our drinking water, that’s why Wendy and I are such big proponents and such happy customers of yours with our own Crystal Clear Home Water Filtration System. Our audience has heard me talking about this for years and people who are out and about go, “Man you talk about that. I hear you talking about that water system, does it really work?” Yes and you’re going to talk about the salt thing a little bit this morning.

Rick: Yeah, I thought I’d just touch on, try to educate everybody out there a little bit on what the cutting edge thing is with regard to hard water problems, everybody deals with those and unlike the health related things that you and I are very, very concerned about. One big part of doing a total property or a good water system for a home is to address hard water problems. We all see that, the scale that builds up on our shower heads or the munged up dishes and things that come out of the dishwasher all spotted, our water heaters are going out and all those things. That’s caused by hard water.

I thought what I would do is kind of just give everybody a thumbnail view of what’s going on, on the hard water situation and what’s happening with the technology. To start with that I think I’ll tell everybody what a natural soft water is. Fitz, when we’re in New York or we’re in Seattle or we’re in Oregon we experience this. Natural soft water is a water that has a low volume of calcium in the water. Calcium is the mineral that creates the majority of hard water problems. Natural soft water simply has a very low level of calcium in it and doesn’t create problems as far as all the things we just listed. To go a step further about 60 or 70 years ago we came up with a technology to create a man made soft water and so a lot of our listeners probably have confusion regarding natural soft water versus man made soft water.

Man made soft water is made by an old fashioned water softener that uses salt. The difference between natural soft water and the water from a water softener is very simply the salt. A water softener strips the incoming calcium out of the water and replaces it with a greater volume of salt. That creates all kinds of issues but first and foremost it makes the water feel artificially soft, it’s kind of slippery, you know that feeling where you can’t the soap off or get the shampoo out of your hair and you’re rinsing for hours. That is directly related to a man-made soft water. In a man-made soft water situation with a water softener we’re adding salt into the incoming water in the home, it creates problems for watering plants. It creates problems for cooking and drinking. It creates problems for swimming pools you don’t ever want to have that in the swimming pool.

What we’re doing is cutting edge technology at Pure Elements and Crystal Clear and we approach this hard water problem in an environmentally sound manner, cutting edge. What we do is instead of stripping the calcium out which you and I want to be consuming in our drinking water and replacing it with salt, we literally alter it permanently to make it unavailable to create the hard water problems that it normally would. We’re able to address the same set of problems but again without the salt. Salt free technology is also been around for decades but we have a proprietary component that we’ve had since 1982 that does an exceptional job of reducing the scale build up on the shower head and giving good results in the dishwasher and laundry and being phenomenal actually for swimming pools and for landscape and irrigation systems.

I just wanted to kind of give everybody a bird’s eye view of that. You’re either going to have natural soft water like you might find in New York, if you take a shower there the soap rinses off squeaky clean and you don’t have any of these. You’re not fighting it. You’re going to have manmade soft water and you’re going to have that by stripping out the good calcium and putting salt in its place or you’re going to take advantage of the latest technology that we’ve had actually for a number of years and we’re literally going to alter the state of the calcium and leave it in the water but not have the problems that all the salt creates. I know you and Wendy experience that in your house and I know for a fact that you can get the soap off in the shampoo out, that’s why you look so good.

Fitz: No doubt about it baby. 346-4850 get your own Crystal Clear Home Water Filtration System. Rick is the best, he really knows his stuff and this is a simple process, there is no maintenance. They come out and check it like every 5 years or whatever. Everything that Rick says is true, I can attest to. 346-4850, give Rick a call or go to Get more details online and get your own crystal clear home water filtration system. More important than ever to make sure you’re careful with what you ingest, what goes through your pores when you shower and bath. This just takes all those worries and all those concerns out so you can have a healthy lifestyle and not be concerned for your family and your kids growing up, they don’t need all that stuff at this stage of the game. Give Rick a call he’ll get back with you 346-4850. Once again happy Veteran’s Day, rick. Thanks always a pleasure.

Rick: Stay safe Fitz. You listeners out there, you guys need to go check out Fitz’s single American Dream on YouTube or on Facebook, that’s so appropriate today, that tune that you’ve done so I hope everybody gets a chance to catch it.

Fitz: Thanks so much Rick, I appreciate it. In reversal Rick is an excellent drummer and he’s got a great band in the OC called The Pinchme Band that you got to check out when you head over to the coast a well. Rick thank you so much, always a pleasure, have a great weekend and we’ll catch up soon.

Rick: You too, thanks very much Fitz have a wonderful one.

Fitz: You too man. Thank you so much.

Rick: Bye bye.

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