HealthyHome Whole Home Water Filter by PURE Elements. Four Decades in the making.

Water filters (WF) can be traced to the earliest civilizations with written records. Ancient Egyptian writings document practices that were followed to keep water pure for drinking, including boiling and heating under the sun. The Egyptians also filtered their water through sand and coarse gravel.

We’ve come a long way since then, but the quest for water purity continues. Enter Rick Allen. He’s spent the last four decades researching, testing, and creating all different types of filter systems to help families remove potentially harmful chemicals from their home’s water. Rick has been persistent in working to reduce America’s addiction to plastic water bottles while eliminating outdated salt-based water softeners and improving water quality. He’s earned the distinguished reputation as a true authority, future-focused on health and environment.

Rick pioneered the first “Homeowner Options” program in the early eighties, where he aligned his organization with national homebuilders to offer specialty water systems as upgrades in new homes. The concept was so successful that Rick’s company was quickly acquired, encouraging Rick to invent the next generation whole home water filtration and salt-free conditioning systems.

Today, Rick is the driving force and visionary behind Pure Elements Water, creators of the only fully custom, HealthyHome Water Filtration Systems.

These unique filters and conditioners provide protection from chlorine, chloramines, carcinogens and heavy metals — delivering healthy, clean and safe water to every faucet in your home. Plus they condition the water throughout your entire property without the use of salt or chemicals. Even better, the systems prevent devastating pinhole leaks from occurring and provide exceptional water for pools, spas, water features, and landscaping.