Safe, clean and healthy filtered water throughout your home with PURE

The HealthyHome Water Filtration and Conditioning System delivers safe, clean, healthy water to every faucet in your home. It also conditions the water throughout your entire property without the use of salt or chemicals. Even better, the system prevents devastating and costly pinhole leaks and is great for pools, spas, water features, and landscaping.

  • Feel healthy. Feel healthy�Enjoy a healthier home living environment and bathing experience without waterborne gaseous chemicals.
  • Drink up - Taste the exceptional water quality for consumption, ice and ingredient uses with a slightly alkaline pH and natural mineral content intact.
  • Hard and fast - Reduce hard water issues without the use of salt-based water softeners, protecting copper plumbing, tankless and standard water heaters, fixtures and appliances.
  • Feeling is believing - No more bathing in harmful carcinogens and drying agents. Hair and skin are heathier, and soap rinses off squeaky clean.
  • Be leak free - Eliminate the risk of pinhole leaks in copper pipes by addressing chloramines and hard water minerals that cause them.
  • Rock hard - Our HealthyHome Systems provide enhanced reduction of hard water issues throughout the interior of your home.
  • Green up - Enjoy vibrant, thriving plants, lawn and trees with less fertilizer and water, plus no hard water scale in irrigation systems.
  • Take a swim - Our Total Property System benefits swimming pools, water features and spas by reducing buildup on surfaces while protecting heaters and pumps.