The Best Custom Whole House Water Filter Tested by Independent Labs

We trust and rely on independent laboratory testing to validate performance of our systems. We collect samples directly from the kitchen sinks of our client’s homes, after the systems have been in operation for various amounts of time. Each sample below was presented to an independent EPA certified laboratory for analysis. In all cases the results show no chloramines present at a detection level of .10 parts per million (ppm), which is better than 99.9% reduction with an average of 4.0 ppm present in the incoming water. Moulton Niguel Water District reported levels as high as 6.4 ppm per million in their 2016 Annual Water Quality Report. Test results for our systems also show exceptional performance for the reduction of trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, which are disinfection byproducts that include known carcinogens.

A note on certifications: If a company claims to validate the performance of their systems by citing certifications, understand what they truly mean. For example, NSF certification for the removal/reduction of chlorine only insures 50% removal at a 2 ppm feed – most water districts are nearing 4 ppm. This means a system certified by NSF for 1 million gallons for chlorine removal/reduction may only be effective for 250,000 gallons in a real application. In other cases, certifications are not for chemical reduction or system performance at all. For example, NSF/ANSI 61 simply confirms the system components are safe when they come into contact with drinking water.

Michigan State University makes this statement about certification:

“The Water Quality Association (WQA), a self-governing body of manufacturers and distributors, offers voluntary validation programs and advertising guidelines to its members. However, certification, registration or validation may be misleading. For example, manufacturers may be certified by an organization that uses test conditions ideal for contaminant removal, but not representative of all home conditions.”

The only accurate assessment of water quality and performance is the independent analysis of the water sampled in a true life application.

Test Site 1
Link to Test Site 1 Ladera Ranch CA
– System Installed for 30 days

Test Site 1a
Link to Test Site 1a Newport Beach CA
– System Installed for 6 months

Test Site 1b
Link to Test Site 1b Newport Beach CA
– System Installed for 8 months

Test Site 2
Link to Test Site 2 Ladera Ranch CA
– System Installed for 1 year

Test Site 2a
Link to Test Site 2a San Clemente CA – Talega Community
– System Installed for 2 1/2 years

Test Site 3
Link to Test Site 3 Ladera Ranch CA
– System Installed for 17 months

Test Site 4
Link to Test Site 4 Laguna Niguel CA
– System Installed for 8 Months

Test Site 5
Link to Test Site 5 San Clemente CA
– System installed for 2-1/2 Years

Test Site 6
Link to Test Site 6 San Clemente CA
– System Installed for 2-1/4 Years

Test Site 7
Link to Test Site 7 Laguna Niguel, CA
– System Installed for 1-1/2 Years

Test Site 8
Link to Test Site 8 San Clemente CA
– System installed for 2-1/2 Years

Test Site 9
Link to Test Site 9 San Clemente CA – Talega Community
– System installed for 1 Year 3 months

Test Site 10
Link to Test Site 10 Mission Viejo CA
– System Installed in 2002, Perfectly Maintained with Last Service in 2017

Test Site 11
Link to Test Site 11 Laguna Niguel CA – Ocean Ranch Community
– System installed for 1 Year

Test Site 12
Link to Test Site 12 Laguna Beach CA
– System installed in November 2017