You can't soften water without salt. Our salt-free catalytic conditioning system effectlively address hard water problems.

In the salt-free water conditioner vs. water softener shootout, the conditioner wins because it is a more versatile device. The downsides of water softeners are significant. Softeners use salt to treat the water which makes it too salty to drink, water plants or fill swimming pools. We get enough salt in our diet as it is. People who have health conditions, high blood pressure, low sodium dietary restrictions or are concerned about salt in general find drinking water from a softener unappealing. Another big disadvantage of water softeners - they flush out massive amounts of excess salt. This causes problems with sewage plants because they cannot process it or use it for reclaimed water, and therefore softeners are banned in many communities.

PURE's Catalytic Water Conditioning System will effectively address hard water problems without the use of salt.

Don’t be lied to – Unscrupulous companies will use the term, but there is no such thing as a salt free water softener. The term “soft” water—in the context of a home water system—describes the complete removal of calcium being replaced with higher levels of salt. This man-made “soft” water should never be confused with nature’s soft water that is low in calcium, but does not contain the foreign salt. Man-made “soft” water is slimy, generates artificial suds (not a true indication of cleaning), kills plant life, destroys swimming pools, and is unfit for drinking. Additionally, water softeners are very harmful to the environment.

When comparing our proprietary salt-free Catalytic Water Conditioner to water softeners, our system is the clear winner. It is more versatile, addresses more needs and is environmentally sound. Softeners make man-made “soft” water, that’s it. Below is a list of differences between our salt-free conditioner and salt-based softeners:


  • Take with a grain of salt - Water softeners make the water too salty. People who have health conditions or are on low or no sodium diets should not drink man-made soft water. With our catalytic water conditioner, you have no salt.
  • Drink it up - There’s no need for additional costly under counter drinking water systems, because our catalytic water conditioner uses no salt.
  • Salt it away - Water softeners flush out extreme amounts of excess salt, damaging the environment. Our catalytic water conditioner is good for the planet and favored by municipalities.
  • Space out - Softeners take up a lot of space and require routine maintenance. These systems need to be refilled with heavy bags of salt, which take up a lot of room. Less space, no heavy lifting required or regular maintenance with our catalytic water conditioner.
  • Swim away - Softeners create water that damages swimming pools, spas and water features. Salt-free water conditioning is beneficial for all of these, actually protecting them and providing sparkling results.
  • Grow it - Salt-free water conditioning is beneficial for plant life, promoting greener and happier plant life with less water and fertilizer. Water softeners kill plants because of excess salt.
  • Pipe down - In most cases, water softeners accelerate pinhole leaks in copper pipes (installed after a home has been lived in for several years without a water system). Our catalytic water conditioner is beneficial in the prevention of pinhole leaks.
  • No stripping - Water softeners remove beneficial calcium out of the water, replacing it with greater amounts of salt. Our catalytic water conditioner retains helpful calcium without the addition of salt of chemicals.

Make my water wonderful.

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