Prevent Pinhole Leaks in Copper pipes with HealthyHome Whole Home Water Filtration. No Need to Repipe.

Pinhole leaks in copper pipes have reached epidemic proportions across the country, especially in Southern California. Throughout Orange County—from San Clemente to Anaheim Hills—massive numbers of leaks are occurring. Damage reports are in the millions, and insurance companies are cancelling policies on the second occurrence (many times on the first claim).

Pure Elements Water Filtration and Salt-Free Conditioning systems eliminate the problem, without expensive re-piping or controversial epoxy lining processes. You save money and disruption. And there are no possible adverse health effects with our systems, which are quickly becoming a serious concern with plastic PEX piping and epoxy resin coatings. We even offer an exclusive $2,000 Performance Guarantee* with our Total Property System. Now that’s putting our money where our mouth is.

What is causing this epidemic? Two key water quality issues: Intense levels of chloramines and calcium carbonate bumps in copper pipes that we call “polyps.” Together they create focused points of attack, resulting in slow and sneaky leaks. While water pours out unseen behind your drywall, these leaks create massive water damage, generate unhealthy mold, and cause major disruption. Plus, it’s a big insurance problem affecting your policy, rates, and the resale of your property.

Our fully custom systems effectively remove chloramines from your entire household water supply. In addition, they stop the formation of new polyps, while drawing existing polyps back into solution. This protects your home from pinholes reoccurring, regardless of how many leaks you may have experienced in the past. In fact, since the pinhole epidemic began, not one of our clients has experienced any further leaks caused by chloramines.

Beyond the prevention of leaks, you and your family will enjoy enhanced water quality for bathing, drinking, cooking and ice as well as a reduction in hard water problems without the use of salt. That’s a Win-Win solution.

*There have been no reports of further pinhole leaks caused by chloramines within the last decade where Pure Elements’ HealthyHome Water Filtration Systems have been installed. Should a homeowner experience a pinhole leak cause by chloramines within the first two years of installing our Total Property System, Pure Elements Water, LLC will reimburse the homeowner fifty (50%) percent of the insurance deductible or fifty (50%) percent of the repair costs up to a total of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00). Homes with systems installed over the last four decades through major production builders have been protected from pinhole leaks, while others in the same neighborhoods have been plagued by numerous leaks and substantial damage. See the full guarantee here.

Make my water wonderful.

We are so confident that we provide a $2,000 Pinhole Prevention Guarantee with our Total Property system. Want answers? Call right now at (866) 880-4420 or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.